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Who we are



The Mission for the WIB Conference is to aid both Professional and Entrepreneurial Women from all walks of life, in learning the aspects of starting and maintaining their own business. To create an Extraordinary Network of Visionary Women that not only seek advice but exchange advice within the WIB community. We also want to give back to the community and promote a passion for the Entrepreneurial Spirit everywhere we go.

 It is our intention to teach aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with valuable resources and knowledge, which is designed to set them on the path to success.


The Women In Business Conference will include topics such as Software Solutions, Creativity in Your Business, Training Videos, Workshops, New Market Products, Branding, Visibility, and Promotion techniques. We feature Key Note Speakers, Guest Speakers, and opportunities for fun and creative teamwork. The Women In Business Conference and Ball connects real-life experiences that will be an asset to entrepreneurial-minded women.


Our Theme this year is "Romancing Your Business: How To Access Your Authentic Self".  The idea is to raise awareness of the aspiring entrepreneur's Social, Financial, Social, Marketing, Physical and Community needs. This information will be essential to the survival of Women owned Businesses and their everyday lives.




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