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Women In Business Conference 


"Romancing Your Business"

Committed To The VIsion: How To Access Your Authentic Self

Red Carpet Events and the Matrix Media Consulting Group would like to personally invite you to attend  the 5th Annual Women In Business Conference  on August 27-29, 2019 at The Crowne Plaza in the heart of Austin, Texas.  Matrix Media Consulting Group offers a comprehensive suite of interactive solutions that combine leading-edge technologies and interactive designs, to help your organization succeed locally, online and wherever your brand may be found.  We have built a  team with the right creativity, expertise and experience to tailor our solutions for each client. Your business, needs the right mix of products and services, coupled with a proven approach to deliver results and foster a lasting working relationship. The Women in Business Conference Presented by The Crowne Plaza in Austin, Texas., will be hosting this Conference and attracting some 300+ attendees, which includes  Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Businesses and individuals from across  the United States.


Our Theme this year is "Romancing Your Business"

"Committed To The Vision: How To Access Your Authentic Self"


We can bring a number of Resources  that are essential to the survival of Women owned Businesses and their everyday lives. The way of business by its very nature competitive. We are reluctant to exchange ideas, information and strategies all in the name of ‘confidentiality’ and fear of intellectual theft. Thousands of women are now enjoying economic independence and empowerment after benefiting from financial and non-financial services  because of collaboration.


Past KeyNote Speakers:


                 2015: Diane Easley: Author of “Create The Life You Want”

                            Jeanette Gibler: Business Transformational Coach

                            Jas Boothe: Founder of Final Salute, Inc.


                 2016:  Liz Nead: Nead Inspiration

                            Ann Bennett: Ann Bennett Marketing

                            Victoria Steele: Congressional Candidate AZ-CD2


                  2017: Emily Eldredge : Emily International

                            Karen Loomis : No Moss Brands

                             Liz nead : Nead Inspiration


                  2018: Dr. Missy Johnson : Break-free Coach

                             Lynn Bunch: Intuitive Development

                             Aiimee Kodashian: AK -TV and Entertainment


  • Social:  How to Simply Like What You Do EVERYDAY.

  • Finances:  Effectively Managing Your Business Finances.

  • Marketing:  How to effectively market/brand your product.

  • Physical:  Dress for Success, Having Good Health and enough energy.

  • Community:  The sense of engagement you have within the area you live.

These are just some of the aspects that will be presented this year at the Women In Business Conference. These cornerstones will be featured throughout the Conference by Extraordinary Keynote Speakers, Qualified presenters, talented entertainers including a marketplace of numerous ideas for your business. You will be introduced to Women of all ages sharing many aspects of Business. You will be able to view exhibits and come across major Networking Opportunities with the decision makers of the Companies. The Conference is designed to benefit women from all walks of life by offering individualized resources that will hopefully bring women together for a Lifetime, to create a Global way of thinking.

This Means A Measurable Return on Investment:
  • Increased BRAND Awareness

  • Development of New Customers

  • Promotion of New Goods/Services

  • Generation of Additional Revenue

  • Ability to Conduct Market Research

  • Test Market Products and Services

  • Change Employee Appreciation & Retention

  • Women control slightly more than half (51.3%) of all personal wealth in the United States. They make 85% of all purchasing decisions in the household.


  • Women purchase more than 50% of traditional male products, including Automobiles, Healthcare, Home Improvement products and Consumer Electronics.


  • Women-owned Businesses are the fastest growing segment of the U.SEconomy, representing $3.3 million in purchasing power.


  • 1 out of EVERY 11 American Woman owns a Business.


  • Women start businesses at twice the rate of men


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